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CN-1325582-A: 仿真错误添加电路 patent, CN-1326512-A: 由元素硫制备硫化氢的方法及其在重金属回收中的应用 patent, CN-1326768-A: Shiweier antidiarrheic patent, CN-1327319-A: 具有发射分集的码分多址基站 patent, CN-1327837-A: Exterior-applied liquid medicine for treating skin itching and its preparing process patent, CN-1328126-A: Process for brewing yellow wine with raw rice patent, CN-1328216-A: 大型离心水泵非抽真空启动 patent, CN-1328376-A: 连接电动机的装置 patent, CN-1328693-A: 电子束器件的阴极材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-1328889-A: Tungsten aluminium carbide hard alloy nanometer powder preparation method patent, CN-1328932-A: 变速器及采用该变速器的车辆和自行车 patent, CN-1330419-A: 改性石墨颗粒和使用它的电池 patent, CN-1330869-A: Method for classifying biologic agricultural chemical of Bacillus thuringiesis prepared by solid fermentation method patent, CN-1331385-A: Oil-saving method and device for IC engine of gasoline or diesel oil patent, CN-1332007-A: 强力镇痛气雾剂 patent, CN-1332950-A: 等离子体真空泵 patent, CN-1333498-A: Composite phonetic digital type Chinese character computer input method patent, CN-1334155-A: 抗粘附无氧铜粗拉线材 patent, CN-1334620-A: 防水连接器 patent, CN-1334919-A: 具有温度补偿的传感器 patent, CN-1335736-A: Coaxial connecting element and communication apparatus with the same coaxial connecting element patent, CN-1336700-A: Multiple band antenna patent, CN-1336856-A: 吸氢复合成型体及其制备方法 patent, CN-1336976-A: Deformable roof flashing material and method for the manufacture of a flashing rail with a skirt made from the roof flashing material patent, CN-1337224-A: 化妆品清洁组合物 patent, CN-1338606-A: 无填料流力冷却塔 patent, CN-1338835-A: Method and device for measuring S/N ratio patent, CN-1338990-A: 带张力调整的双印版卷绕机构 patent, CN-1339790-A: 对图像虚拟删除管理的记录媒体及记录、再现方法和装置 patent, CN-1340050-A: Heterocyclic benzenesulphonamide compounds as bradykinine antagonists patent, CN-1340911-A: 失真补偿的方法和装置 patent, CN-1341460-A: Method for producing blood-fat in blood plasma patent, CN-1342117-A: 用于重载设备的轮胎 patent, CN-1342344-A: 校准电阻式阶梯交换矩阵的方法和装置 patent, CN-1342717-A: 一种长链支化聚乙烯弹性体的制备方法 patent, CN-1342777-A: 连铸碳素焊条钢加入锰铝铁合金的脱氧方法 patent, CN-1344004-A: 等离子体显示器 patent, CN-1344408-A: Device for recoding or reproducing signals on disk and method of inserting and extracting cartridge for device patent, CN-1344687-A: 一种活菌生物净水剂的高密度活菌发酵工艺 patent, CN-1344716-A: Refining process of coarse sulfolane product patent, CN-1345164-A: Switching processing method patent, CN-1345709-A: Process for preparing 1,1,1-trifluoro propene patent, CN-1346052-A: Continuous type wire expansion coefficient measuring instrument patent, CN-1346518-A: 光电变换功能元件及其制造方法 patent, CN-1346686-A: 缓降机 patent, CN-1346963-A: Self calibration method for precision of area-type capacitance micrometer and measuring device patent, CN-1347683-A: Improved grit-blasting treatment process for the surface of tooth implant patent, CN-1347692-A: Ring medicine tablet patent, CN-1349178-A: Information processing device and method, and its program storage medium patent, CN-1349190-A: 网络媒体安全中央监管系统 patent, CN-1349392-A: High resolution device for observing a body patent, CN-1350000-A: Prepn of aminoglucose sulfate patent, CN-1351051-A: 一种新的多肽——人肿瘤致死因子受体相关因子8.91和编码这种多肽的多核苷酸 patent, CN-1352199-A: Process for preparing water purifying adsorbent polycyclodextrin patent, CN-1352271-A: New polypeptide-estrogenic sulfotransferase 13.97 and polynucleotide for encoding such polypeptide patent, CN-1353019-A: 以建筑物废料为原料的再生骨料的生产装置及再生骨料 patent, CN-1353520-A: Equipment and method for decoding data of unknown frame length patent, CN-1353828-A: Programmable controller method, system and apparatus patent, CN-1353904-A: Method and apparatus for space-time echo cancellation patent, CN-1354278-A: Temperature-controlled stirring equipment for chemical plating bath patent, CN-1354552-A: Thyristor power-regulating system for temp. control system of heating equipment patent, CN-1354558-A: Non-synchronous motor rotary inertia identification method patent, CN-1355069-A: Screen coating machine patent, CN-1355725-A: Isothermal reactor for exothermic or endothermic heterogeneous reactions patent, CN-1355887-A: 测定方法 patent, CN-1356979-A: Prepn. of quinoneimines from hydroxyphenylamines using hydrogen peroxide and catalyst patent, CN-1357432-A: Cooling liquid supplying method and device for cutting machine tool and grinder patent, CN-1357691-A: Pin-shaped fastener patent, CN-1359831-A: Simple mechanism for locking bottle mouth patent, CN-1360187-A: 能安装室外室内可控制万能煤气电热水器二合一 patent, CN-1360310-A: Method for detection of rotating shock momentum generated by harddisk rotating patent, CN-1360539-A: 透气不透液体的复合片材 patent, CN-1360624-A: 从香精油原料中分离香精油的方法 patent, CN-1361477-A: Dynamic data analyzing method patent, CN-1362203-A: Nano cold treating medicine of antelope's horn and its preparation patent, CN-1362827-A: Content relay service apparatus of repeating content on network and reducing data quanting at same time patent, CN-1363922-A: 将歌曲由网际网路下载至用户端电脑的方法 patent, CN-1364559-A: 纳米北芪制剂药物及其制备方法 patent, CN-1364848-A: 用紫光二极管将发光材料变换成白色发光的方法 patent, CN-1365125-A: 线圈缠绕器和绕线方法 patent, CN-1365360-A: 酪氨酸蛋白激酶syk的嘌呤衍生物抑制剂 patent, CN-1366697-A: 回路断路器 patent, CN-1367145-A: 净水机 patent, CN-1367577-A: 异步电机变频调速中含有基变量的参数的观测方法 patent, CN-1367675-A: Device for monitoring cardiac compression, resuscitation mask and method of applying cardiac compression patent, CN-1367775-A: Cubane derivatives as metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists and process for their preparation patent, CN-1368322-A: 纳米止泻利制剂药物及其制备方法 patent, CN-1370884-A: 高洗洁度洗衣机 patent, CN-1371023-A: Synchronous photoetching and exposing process on chip supporting net for making roller-to-roller display patent, CN-1371220-A: 发射功率控制方法、基站、移动台及移动通信系统 patent, CN-1371290-A: Rhodamine diagnostic agent and diagnostic method for detection of epithelial cancer patent, CN-1371650-A: Coffee preparing utensil patent, CN-1371686-A: 消炎止痛药物蚓哚美辛外用油膏制剂 patent, CN-1371697-A: 一种脂肪酸合成酶抑制剂,它的制造方法与应用 patent, CN-1372235-A: Sound and key double-way input method for Chinese character patent, CN-1372482-A: 高尔夫球杆 patent, CN-1372910-A: 一种含有天然植物藿香的健康环保型香水的制备方法 patent, CN-1373225-A: 制造维生素e中间体的方法 patent, CN-1373665-A: Pharmaceutical solutions for levosimendan patent, CN-1374182-A: Method for producing synthetic resin moulding material patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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