Device for fixing flexible printing plates on a plate cylinder of a printing machine


1,127,904. Mounting flexible printing plates. MASCHINENFABRIK WINKLER, FALLERT & CO. A.G. 29 Sept., 1965 [26 Oct., 1964], No. 41312/65. Heading B6C. A plate cylinder 1 for a rotary offset press has a longitudinal recess in which is adjustably mounted a bar carrying plate clamping means, the mounting of the bar being such that plates mounted on the cylinder may be adjusted both axially and peripherally thereof. The clamping means are actuated by rotation of a bar 14 made of a number of end-to-end aligned parts, the connection between adjacent parts comprising a readily actuable claw-coupling arrangement. The cylinder is adapted to accommodate either a single or a number of side-by-side plates each plate corresponding to one part of the rotatable bar or a whole number of parts such that should a plate require clamping adjustment the appropriate part or parts of the bar may be actuated after the necessary coupling or de-coupling thereof. The clamping means are as shown in Fig. 2 in which a flexible printing plate 2 is mounted on the cylinder 1, one bent-off end 3 of the plate being introduced over the upper part of a cylinder section 4 whilst the other bent-off end 5 is introduced between a clamping strip 6 and leaf springs 7 carried by the rotatable bar 14.




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