Improvements in Galvanizing Apparatus.


22,689. Harrison, G., [New Process Coating Co.]. Nov. 14. Galvanizing.- R e - lates to apparatus for galvanizing, in which the dross formed by the contact of the iron with the zinc can be separated and removed without interfering with the process of galvanizing. The bath a is provided with an inner vessel or partition a<1> secured by straps b, b. The space a<2> is filled with molten lead, while the inner vessel and the space above it is filled with zinc b<1>. Rollers b<4> are mounted on the partition a<1> to facilitate the passage of the plates to be coated through the lead bath. The dross formed at the surface of the zinc collects at the top of the lead bath, as shown by the black lines at 13 and 15, and overflows into the inner vessel, at the bottom of which it collects as at b<6> and can be removed when desired. The bath is renewed by placing bars or sheets of zinc in the inner vessel a<1>, in which the zinc is melted by the heat of the lead bath.




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