Improvements in Nippers.


108. Bernard, W. A. Aug. 4, A.D. 1899, [date applied for under Sec. 103 of Patents &c. Act, A.D. 1883]. Pliers, cutters, and pincers.-Relates to cutting or gripping nippers. The jaws C, D, spread out at f<1>, g<1>, are pivoted at f, g to connecting-plates F, G and at a, b to the hollow handles A, B. Two bars H, K are pivoted to the jaws and handles respectively at a, band h, k. The bars are extended beyond the pivots h, k to carry screws L, M serving as stops. A spring N on the pivot h bears against the handle B and bar H, and serves to keep the nipper normally open. The wire X to be gripped &c. passes freely between the plates and bars F, G, H, K.




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