Improvements in and relating to Wreath Stands of Marble or the like.


4321. Shearer, H. March 7. Wreaths, stands for. An octagonal or other rim A, of marble or the like, in one or more parts, may be supported on feet A', and carries a ohannelled metal ring C, on which metal plates or wire-work E, E<1> and a cover-glass are secured. The ring may be otherwise fixed on a ledge within the rim. The lower plate E is secured by two lugs engaging under the ring C, and a bolt F' in slots in the plate and ring ; or the plate E may be in one piece with or soldered to the ring C. The plate E carries a flat disc E', having clips e<1> and stamped tongues to hold a wreath on it and moss below and around it. The glass cover is secured by a metal ring D, provided with wire loops, which are passed through slots in the rings C, and held by spring catches D<2> ; one loop carries a suspending-loop D<3>.




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