An Improved Vial for Medicines and other Liquids.


9855. H¶eg, J. A. May 29. Bottles &c.-Relates to vials or bottles for containing medicines &c. The neck B is bent at right-angles to the body A, from which it is separated by the partition C. This construction is stated to facilitate the withdrawal of the contents by means of a syringe, and to protect the bulk of the contents from injurious action by the air. The partition C is formed with an aperture F, for the passage of the air when filling the vessel or withdrawing its contents. The aperture is normally closed by a plug, and the neck B is closed by a screw or other cover D, or a cork or other plug may be employed to close both the neck and the air aperture. The top of the vessel is formed with a groove, in which a syringe may be secured by a rubber band.




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