Improvements in the Treatment of Wool and other Animal or Vegetable Fibrous Materials.


10,438. Boult, A. J., [Wislicki, F.]. June 7. Resins and resinous compounds.-Relates to. the treatment of animal or vegetable fibres, especially wool, with volatile solvents, such as benzene, carbon bisulphide, &c., whereby the material is purified and bleached, and the solvent, with the bleached fats, resins, &c., removed from the fibres, is recovered. The wool is soaked for a suitable period in the solvent in a closed vessel. The solvent, charged with the fats &c., is then agitated and removed by admitting compressed sulphurdioxide gas, which has been previously liquefied, mixed, if desired, with about 10 per cent. of sulphur trioxide. The action of the sulphur trioxide is to effect a slight carbonization or singeing of the fibre. These operations are repeated until the wool is thoroughly purified, after which it is washed with warm or cold water.




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