Improvements in Mechanism and Means for the Human Force Propulsion and Steering of Velocipedes, Boats, and Light Machinery.


10,546. Whittle, D., and Viney, C. W. June 9. Driving-gear for paddle-wheels; steering-gear.- Relates to hand-driven gearing and steering-gear for velocipedes and boats, which can be adapted as driving-gear for machinery. Driving-gear for a velocipede or other road vehicle consists of hand cranks H, Fig. 1, which rotate a lantern wheel C. The lantern wheel gears with a toothed wheel D, the cranked axle of which is connected by rods G to the cranked driving-shaft of the vehicle. The pins of the lantern wheels are preferably covered with india-rubber or the like. In modifications the driving-gear is duplicated, and the cranks and connecting-rods are dispensed with, or arranged outside the framework. In another modification an intermediate pin-wheel is used to transmit motion from the driving to the driven axis. In the modification shown in Fig. 10, the lantern wheels L, L<1> are connected by a chain M and drive a toothed wheel K on the vehicle axle. The chain may act directly on a wheel on the vehicle axle. The steering-device adapted for a velocipede is shown in plan in Fig. 12. The seat T is rotatably mounted on a standard, and is connected by ropes f or the like to the steering-wheel A<1>. The seat may be extensible so as to accommodate more than one rider. The device may be adapted to be operated by the rider's feet by connecting the steering-ropes to a pivoted bar or foot-board.




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