Improvements in or connected with the Driving Mechanism of Motor Road Vehicles.


10,982. Montauban, P. A., and Marchandier, E. A. June 16. Motor road vehicles.-The transmission gear is enclosed in an inclined case or box a, occupying but a small vertical space and made in parts to give access to the interior. The box has supporting- webs b and a bearing c for the driving-shaft e. From the driving-shaft motion is communicated continuously to a pair of bevel-wheels g, h, loose on a shaft o at right-angles to the driving-shaft. Either of these wheels g, h can be clutched to the shaft o, and thus through wheels i, j, k, m motion can be communicated through one or other of the four wheels r, s, t, u, accorling to the adjustment of the clutches V, W, to the balance gear q on the divided chain shaft p. The three clutches are operated by rockers 5 actuated by means of a rotary grooved cam 1, 2, 3, 4 so as to adjust the clutches appropriately either for disconnecting or for giving four forward speeds and four reverse speeds. Lubrication is provided for by oil contained in the casing a.




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