Improvements in Apparatus for Lining Casks, Barrels, and the like Vessels.


11,178. Haslett, W. H., and Russell, H. S. June 20. Linings; coating casks.-In lining casks with paraffin wax or other airtight or water-tight material or composition, an apparatus such as that shown in Fig. 1 is used for treating the vessels with hot air, and an apparatus such as that shown in Fig. 3, is used in treating them with the lining-material. In the apparatus shown in Fig. 1, the air to be heated passes through a pipe C to a heating-box D, provided with baffles d', d<2> and with exit tubes E fitted with nozzles e for insertion into the bungholes of the casks, for which stands e<1> surrounding the nozzles are provided. The air is heated by furnaces B, the gases from which surround the box D and escape through the flue K. In the apparatus shown in Fig. 3, the lining- composition enclosed in a tank L is heated by steam, which enters by a pipe N to a surrounding tank M partially filled with water, the compositioh being ejected through a nozzle S to the cask resting on a stand T by a force pump o.




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