17,654. Sewell, W. H. Oct. 5. Tyres, pneumatic etc.; felloes or rims.-Relates to a pneumatic or other elastic tyre formed from a number of separate rubber balls, Specifications No. 27,086, A.D. 1897, and No. 26,833, A.D. 1898, being referred to. Each ball A, as shown in Fig. 4, has an enlarged base a, of which the sides B, C take under the turned-in edges d of the rim D. The ends of the base abut against metallic plates G, which are provided with holes g, and the upper face of the base is fitted with a plate F which takes under the turned-in edges of the rim. Each plate F is in two separate halves, and is provided with projectioas h which engage in the holes g. The spaces between the plates G is filled with rubber strips E. A hole H is formed in the rim under each ball, and the side walls of the balls are thickened to prevent circumferential expansion. In a modification, the plates G have flanges which take over the plates F.




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