Improvements in Street Cleaners.


72. Menzies, R. C. Jan. 1. Refuse, collecting ; elevating sweepings into carts and other receptacles.-A street cleaner consists of a frame 5, 6, shaped as shown so as to support a receptacle 14 held in place by a chain 15, and connected by clips 8, 12 to the curved wheel axle 7 and handles or shafts 11. A plate 16, connecting the plates 5, 6, is bent as shown at 17, to form a rest. Each of the pivot pins 21, on arms 22, can be inserted in one of a number of holes in a projection on the plate 6. The arms 22 carry a scoop 24, shaped as shown and operated by arms 30 so as to discharge the refuse, swept on to it, into the receptacle 14. The chain 15 is unhooked to allow a full receptacle to be dumped or replaced by an empty one.




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