Improvements in the Treatment of Oxides of Metals or Metalloids, or Compounds of same; and Products Obtained therefrom.


1491. Sudre, C. G., and Thierry, C. V. Jan. 22. Drawings to Specification. Carboys; flasks.-Pure vitreous, amorphous, and homogeneous products for various purposes, including silica for chemical vessels, carboys, flasks, &c., are obtained from natural or artificial oxides, or mixtures or compounds of oxides, with fusing- points not less than that of pure alumina, by fusion in a vacuum or inert atmosphere under radiant heat of an electric furnace with one or more arcs, and out of contact with the electrodes. After fusion, solidification is effected by sudden cooling, as with cast iron or steel, and the cooled mass may be reheated, as with glass or malleable cast iron. The fused matters may be cast, rolled, stamped, forged, welded, blown, or drawn. Articles produced from these are almost insensible to temperatures below the fusing-point of iron, and some of them acquire transparent and reflecting properties.




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