Improvements connected with Portable Mortar, Concrete, or like Mixing Machines.


4164. Willcox, A. Feb. 26. Moving-beater apparatus, portable, for mortar, concrete, &c. The frame A, mounted on wheels B, is provided with platforms C, D. The container E is made of the cross-section shown, and its bottom is fitted with two pivoted doors V, controlled by a hand-lever Y. Each of the shafts H, I, geared together and to the shaft of the driving-pulley, carries a series of arms J, upon the ends of which are secured blades K. The blades have bevelled edges, and are wider at their outer than at their inner sides. The sand &c. is wheeled into the container over the platform C ; the water is supplied from a tank R provided with a valve T and a rose pipe S.




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