Improvements in Apparatus for Feeding Separate Sheets of Paper in Printing Ruling and other Machines.


4653. Bradley, J., and Barber, M. T. March 5. Feeding sheets.- The pile of sheets is placed on a table b hinged at b<1> to arms c bolted to the framing d. Adjustable side and back stops j are provided for placing the sheets. The table is connected at its end b<2> to aprings f, which hold it up to the feeding-disc e. The springs f are adjustable by screws g in collars on a bar h<1>. Spring- pressed pieces or buffers, hinged to the framing, engage the sides of the table and steady it. Each feed-disc e has a central opening e<1>, Fig. 4, engaging over a cam piece o', Fig. 5, on a disc o, and the two discs e, o are hinged together at o<2>. The cam discs o are fixed on a rotating shaft q. On one part of the periphery of the disc e is a pad e<4> of gelatine and glycerine or other material. As the shaft q rotates, the part 0<4> of the cam lifts the disc e away from the sheets, and the part o<5> of the cam permits the disc to fall and its pad e<4> to engage and feed the top sheet to pairs of feed-rollers r, r'. Prickers or knives m, fixed in blocks sliding on posts n, pierce the upper sheets and act, in known manner, to hold back the under sheets. The shaft r<2> is driven by gear-wheels t, u. The sheets are carried by tapes s to the printing or other machine, The rollers r<1> are in arms r<3> pivoted on the shaft q.




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