Improved Gripping-mechanism for Use in Gripping Flowers, Fruit and other Substance and Securing the same to Wearing-apparel or to the In-door and Out-door Drapings of Rooms and Streets


5473. Turner, A. W., and Bowen, W. March 15. Ornarnental effects.-Relates to clips for attaching flowers, fruit, feathers, or other articles to the dress or to drapings for decorative purposes. Fig. 1 shows a form of clip provided with a clamping- plate d pivoted in ears a on the body-piece and kept closed by a spring tongue c which may be fixed to, or cut out of the body-piece. Pins b serve for attaching the clip to wearing-apparel &c. The body &c. may be stamped from sheet metal or cast, the pins b being formed integral therewith, or connected thereto, by passing them through eyes or otherwise. In modified arrangements, the pins are replaced by a brooch-pin fixed behind the bodypiece. The clamping-piece may consist of a spring tongue c', Fig. 13, stamped up from the bodypiece and is sometimes jewelled. The clamping- plate is sometimes formed with a projection so as to form two compartments when closed. The clips are made in various sizes to receive single flowers, bunches, &c.




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