Improvements in Drawing Board Apparatus.


11,637. Trimming, J. June 7. Straight-edges; squares.-An adjustable support for drawing-board apparatus is shown in side view in Fig. 3. A hinged trestle A, with side struts a carrying a tube or rod b engaging notches c in the back struts, is provided with bearing-surfaces e for pins d on a frame B, notched bars of which can be engaged with a cross-bar of the front struts to adjust the inclination further. The frame B is raised by means of cords f passing over pulleys on the trestle, and secured to levers h connected by a cross-bar. The drawing-board is carried in recesses in the frame B, and supported at various heights by means of pivoted lugs. A counterbalanced sliding frame F is guided between flanges m of the frame B, and carries a straight-edge E and a receptacle D for drawing instruments and the like. The straight-edge E is secured to the frame F by a wing-nut n at one end, and a clip spring at the other end. Each end of the trough D, Figs. 3 and 7, is provided with a screw v and nut z for traversing a block y to keep the straight-edge E from contact with drawing-pin heads on the drawing-board C. A wedge is provided along one side of the frame F to take up wear. The frame B may be used apart from the trestle, particularly when a sheet of glass or other transparent material is used instead of a drawing-board.




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