Improvements in Package-rolls or Supports for Facilitating the Deposit of Metallic Leaf upon Surfaces to be Decorated.


11,699. Coe, W. H. June 7. Drawings to Specification. Gilding and silvering.-Metal leaf is formed into a roll with paper or other suitable material, one surface of which is powdered with rouge, rottenstone, or the like to prevent adhesion of the leaf, while the leaf and paper are connected mechanically by turning up their edges. This is effected by a saw or cutter used to divide an elongated roll into sections, or by scratching the ends of a roll in a radial direction, inward or outward. In a wide roll, a narrow deposit of wax may be placed along the middle of the unpowdered surface of the paper, to hold the middle of the leaf. In a narrow roll, only one edge need be turned.




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