An Improved Catch for Securing Folding Doors.


3877. Taylor, W. Feb. 15. Double-door fastenings.-A fastening for the inner member of a pair of folding doors for book - cases, cabinets, &c. is operated by the opening or closing of the other member, which carries the lock. A spring- controlled lever B is pivoted within a casing A secured in the edge of the inner door member D<1>. One end of this lever is hook-shaped, for engagement with a catch plate E secured to the body of the book-case &c., and the other end is rounded, and projects, normally, beyond the edge of the door. When the door D<1> is closed, the lever passes through an opening in the plate E. In closing the outer door D<2>, the rounded end of the lever is pushed inwards and the hooked end is forced into engagement with the plate E. Upon opening the door D<2>, the lever is released from engagement with the plate E by the action of the spring.




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