Improvements in Self Acting Lubricators.


4528. Spencer, J. Feb. 22. Moulding bricks.-Relates to apparatus for use in lubricating the moulds and presser-plates of brick-making machines. A reservoir a, Fig. 1, for the lubricant carries bearings b for a shaft c driven from the machine. Upon the shaft are mounted one or more pulleys d dipping into the oil in the reservoir. A trough a<1> is mounted in frnnt of the reservoir, and is divided into a number of compartments corresponding to the number of pulleys d. In each compartment is journalled a spindle, on which is adjustably fixed, by means of a set-screw &c., a shoe g, which carries a flat rod h adapted to engage a pulley. The oil is carried up from the reservoir by the pulleys d and is scraped off and conducted to the trough a<1> by means of the rods h. Pipes i convey the oil from the troughs a' to the parts to be lubricated. By adjusting the position of the shoe g, the rod h may be made to overhang the rim of the pulley d, so as to reduce the supply of oil to the trough. A strip k of wire gauze may bear against the circumference of each pulley, to scrape the thickest of the oil, and the solid impurities therein, back into the reservoir.




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