An Improved Tide Mill or Means for Utilising the Current of Tidal Rivers or Waters for the Continuous Generation of Power.


5507. Moore, A. W. March 5. T i d e mills.-Water wheels are arranged on a barge, float, &c. so as to be operated continuously, for the purpose of utilizing the current of tidal rivers or waters. In the arrangement shown in Fig. 2, two o hulls 1, secured together by stays, are held between guide posts or piles 3, so as to be free to rise and fall. Paddle-wheels 9, 10 are mounted on shafts 5, 6, and an intermediate bucket wheel 14 is mounted on a shaft 11, so as to be clear of the water. The shafts 5, 6 are connected, through chains 23,24 and chain-wheels and clutches, with the shaft 11, the chain 23 being crossed. The wheel 14 is mounted on a sleeve carrying a clutch operating a chain-wheel secured to the shaft 11, this wheel being connected to a countershaft 30 by a chain. The countershaft 30 drives a dynamo 33 and also a pump 44. The wheels 9, 10 serve to drive the shaft 11 &c. in one direction during the rise and fall of the tide, and during the turn of the tide the bucket wheel 14 is brought into use. This wheel is supplied with water from a tank 36, Figs. 2 and 5, which is divided into two parts by a partition. The lower part 38 is filled by the tide, a valve, protected by a cage and operated by a handwheel, being provided for controlling the entry of the water. The npper part is supplied with water by the pump 44, and the two chambers are connected, by flexible pipes provided with valves, to a nozzle 48 which feeds the wheel 14. A valve 51 permits communication between the chambers, which are both provided with suitable air inlets. At low tide, the valve 51 is open and the wheel is actuated by the water from the lower chamber, and at high tide, the water is supplied from the upper chamber. One paddle-wheel may be used instead of two.




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