Improvements in Electric Quantity Meters.


9317. Gowlland, G. L. April 22. Quantity meters.-An induction motor meter for a single pulsating current has a conductive non- magnetic disc 16 revolving in magnetic fields produced by an elongated main-current coil 36, shown in transverse section in Fig. 3, and three other coils. These three coils are connected in series, parallel to the main coil. The main coil 36 is supported by a plate 24, and has a conductive non-magnetic core 37. A rectangular conductive plate 31, carried on one end of the core 37, supports the first of the three coils mentioned, wound cylindrically on a brass bobbin 28. A conductive disc 32 is supported adjustably below the coil 28, and near the disc 16, by a screw passed through the coil 28, and a nut 34. Below the elongated main coil 36 and the disc 16 is a two-pole laminated iron core 45, having a central plate 44 of copper. One pole of this core carries the second of the three coils. The other pole, shown in Fig. 3, passes through an aperture in a bundle of conductive plates 22, separated by insulating-material ; these extend under the disc 32 and one side of the disc 16. The third of the three coils is wound on an elongated bobbin 27 with a copper core, and serves as a starting-coil. The disc 16 revolves between the poles of a permanent brake magnet, not shown. The spindle drives ordinary counting- gearing.




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