Danger Signal for use on Railways by Night and in Foggy Weather


9673. Elford, F. J. April 26. Fog and audible signals; indicators and repeaters, signal.-For indicating the danger position of the signal arm to the driver at night or in foggy weather, a bell c is employed on the signal post. The bell c and battery d are mounted in a casing b, and connected by wires c<1> with two pins or projections f provided with rollers g, which are adapted to be connected electrically by the contactplate i on the signal arm h. In the normal ' danger' position of the arm, the bell circuit is not completed, but when the signalman desires to warn the driver, he raises the arm, as shown, somewhat beyond the normal position, so completing the circuit. The quadrant plate of the signal lever is provided with an additional notch, for the purpose of retaining the signal arm in the circuitclosing position as long as desired.




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