Improved Safety Apparatus for Winding Engines.


9970. Siemens Bros. & Co., [Siemens & Halske Akt.-Ges.]. April 30. Winding-engines.-Relates to safety apparatus for winding-engines, and comprises improvements based on the usual construction of the valve-gear lever, in which the lever is moved in different paths for journeys in opposite directions, as, for example, in guide-slots arranged side by side, the lateral motion of the lever being made to effect the reversal. As shown in side elevation in Fig. 1, and in cross - section on the line A, Fig. 2, the band-lever b is guided in the slot c for the forward journey and in the slot d for the return journey. On the shaft a are two levers e with tappets f, which can turn the lever b independently of each other, when acted on by cam-like blocks i through the medium of levers h and rods g. The blocks i are caused to travel backwards and forwards on the screws k, according to the direction in which the engine runs. The result is that the lever b is operated automatically to reduce speed before the end of each journey, while at the same time it is left free to be moved by the engineer for bringing the gear to the zero position or for reversing.




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