Improvements in Land Reclaiming Docks


10,051. Chaquette, E. May 1. Land, reclaiming.-Relates to a land-reclaiming dock adapted to be moored near the locality to be reclaimed and provided with a waterway B, Fig. 2, which allows the passage of scows or other vessels therethrough, receiving channels or vats C arranged transversely and inclined towards the pumps G, and suitable pumping and conveying apparatus for the dredged material. Fig. 2 shows the dock in cross-section, Fig. 3 in plan, and Fig. 4 in longitudinal section. Each vat C is provided with a feeding and agitating chain p kept in constant motion over the sprockets s, while the corresponding rotary pump G is working, and with a valve e for the vat. Only one pump works at a time, the clutches d on the shaft a governing the pump gears. The separate discharge pipes f lead to a common shore pipe. The power is derived from the motor F, which is operated by the dynamo machine E driven from the engine D.




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