Improvements in Atomizers.


13,089. Clark, A. M., [Whitall Tatum Co.]. June 9. Spray -producers. - Relates to an atomizer for producing a spray of liquid, such as a perfume or a medicament. A receptacle A for the liquid is provided with a screw cap B, a tight joint being obtained by means of a washer &c. A mixing or discharge tube C extends through the cap, the lower end of the tube preferably being cut off obliquely. An air-supply tube D extends along the side of the tube C, and at one end is connected to a bulb or other source of compressed air, while at the other end it is turned up to form a nozzle, located in the axis of the tube C and preferably below the upper edge and above the lower edge of the oblique portion of this tube. A tube F, extending down into the liquid, is provided with a nozzle, arranged laterally above the nozzle of the tube D and preferably below the upper edge of the oblique portion of the tube. The tubes C, D may be soldered together, and the tube F soldered to the tube D, so that all three tubes are removable along with the cap B. Air supplied through the pipe D draws the liquid up the tube F, and the spray produced is delivered through the tube C.




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