Apparatus for Completing the Rolling of the Ends of Tubes Rolled Step by Step.


18,568. Br³ser, F. Aug. 23. Rolling.-Relates to means for completing the rolling of the ends of tubes in pilger rolls. The mandrel d is screwed into the mandrel rod s, provided with the usual screw s<1> and ratchet-nut m. The nut is provided with a second set of ratchetteeth m', facing in the opposite direction to the usual set. As the end of the tube w nears the rolls, a pawl k<1> is released by a handle so that it may engage the teeth m<1>, the nut m being then incapable of rotation in either direction. The mandrel rod is thus rotated during each stroke, the forward stroke effecting the usual partial rotation of the tube w, while the return stroke partially unscrews the rod, the tube and mandrel being held by the rolls. After the mandrel has been completely unscrewed, the tube and mandrel pass through the rolls.




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