Improvements in Pumps for Inflating Pneumatic Tyres and the like


28,106. Spooner, A. F., [Compagnie Franþaise Des Nouvelles Pompes Ó Air]. Dec. 19. Inflating pneumatic tyres &c. Two cylinders a, b are supported on a base-plate h, in which are valves b g leading to a chamber formed by securing the edge i of a casing e in a circular groove by means of a screw r. The chamber has one aperture connected to a manometer, and another to the article to be inflated. In each cylinder is a piston d, which is provided with a spring-pressed valve f, and is operated by a rod l, connected to a lever o and to a crank n on a shaft q rotated by means of the handle z. The cranks are coupled at an angle of 180‹.




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