A New or Improved Machine for Moulding Cores or Patterns.


577. Burkill, J. E., and Sunderland, W. Jan. 9. Moulding.-A machine for making cores for use in casting pipes and the like is shown in Fig. 3 and may be adapted for moulding patterns and other articles. A ram A is actuated by compressed air or pressure water supplied by a pipe B' fitted with a three-way cock B. The cam carries a core box E and a removable die F, and the core is formed in the usual way. The invention consists in the means for ejecting the core, which is effected by the exhaust from the press passing through a flexible pipe G<1> to a recess under a ring piston J, which, when raised, pushes the core upwards as the ram descends. The ram carries an arm M, which engages with a stop N on a rod O when the ram rises, and raises the rod and a counterweighted lever P which controls a relief valve R. Some exhaust water escapes through the relief valve when the ram descends until the valve is closed by the counterweighted arm. As adapted for moulding patterns and other articles, the moulding-box A, Fig. 5, is lifted clear of the patterns S after the working-stroke of the ram by two plungers J working in cylinders H and operated by the exhaust fluid, as explained above.




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