Production of high tensile steel plate of low yield ratio

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Nippon Steel Corp
  • Publication Date: September 06, 1980
  • Publication Number: JP-S55115921-A


PURPOSE:To produce the high tensile steel plate having low yield ratio, low surface hardness and superior weld joint toughness by hot-rolling and heat-treating the steel material containing slight amounts of Mo and V, under the specific conditions. CONSTITUTION:The steel which contains C; 0.01-0.15%, Si; 0.05-1.0%, Mn; 0.6-2.0%, Mo; 0.05-0.5%, V; 0.01-0.15%, Al; 0.01-0.1% or if necessary, small amounts of one or two or more kinds of Cu, Ni, Cr, Nb, Ti, Ca, B, Mg, REM. This steel material is hot rolled in such a manner that the cumulative draft at 900 deg.C or less becomes 50% or more with respect to the final product thickness, whereby the deposits of Mo and V are finely and evenly dispersed and deposited. Below Ar3 point, the rolling is finished. Next, it is cooled to a temperature below the Ar1 point, after which it is reheated and kept at 730-850 deg.C to the mixed structures of fine and stable gamma phase and the alpha of superior toughness around the same, whereby the weldable high tensile steel of low yield ratio and low surface hardness is produced.




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